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We advocate human-centered design to solve occupancy problems 

- we design for people to feel inspired

- wellness centered environments reduce stress and improve mental health

...we are biologically-wired to find inspiration through our connection with the natural world. So our work together will start there - incorporating natural elements in a practical way

Design inspired by nature




self care

We start by asking questions  

  • does your space inspire you?

  • what do you want to feel like in the space?

  • are you feeling creative or productive? 

  • are there special materials, colors, or items that you want in the space?

Humans are biologically wired to find inspiration through our connection with the natural world. We will help you think beyond the present so that the design decisions you make today make sense for your future.


We also collaborate with our local Arts and Maker community to provide quality services and products to give your environment a sense of function and wellness.

At M+A Design, we design for people to feel inspired, in holistic and healthy environments that respect what the occupants need as human beings.

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Mona + Associates Design is a multi-disciplined design collaborative, MWBE/HUB, LEED Certified Interior Architecture, Design, and Creative Consulting firm located in North Carolina. The focus of the firm is to provide strategic, functional, creative, and affordable holistic design solutions to clients.

Mona King; the firm’s Founder + principal, has professional training with degrees in Fine Art and Interior Architecture (CIDA Accredited),
along with over 35 years of management experience and certifications. 

Contact us to set up a consultation today.


our world is a continually evolving mixture of cultures, disciplines, people, and resources ...we must learn to utilize these attributes to their fullest extent and potential to create holistic environments


m+a design has made a commitment to celebrate the unlimited creativity and potential of the world through informed design solutions 


we will inform, and demonstrate design stewardship to our environment, community, and earth: design promise (SM)

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