• Mona King

Virtual Cruise - Day 1

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

We planned our dream trip 2 years ago and were scheduled to begin our Mediterranean cruise with Viking cruise lines today. April 4, 2020. Thankfully #Vikingcruises lived up to their professional reputation, offered viable options including a full refund. Instead, we are fortunate to be safe in our home, unlike many affected by COVID-19 or Rona. For the duration of our virtual trip I will post a virtual trip log. Join us in our adventure. For those confined like us, what else do you have to do? We are grateful to those that are frontliners and fighting to keep us safe and healthy. Stay in and let’s #flattenthecurve

As you can see traditional backpack items have been replaced and now include #charmintissue #naturemadevitamins #cloroxdisinfectingwipes #grove hand sanitizer latex gloves safetymask

Other essentials #leiki walking stick #monalisasocks #Delseyparisbackpack passport #Vikingcruises Boarding passes Binoculars and my #iphone11Pro for quick photos.

First stop Barcelona. Check in tomorrow for updates.

Let me know about your cruise experience and tips for when we are able to go.

I will add more detail on my website blog, https://www.monaassociates.com. Sign up for updates via my contact form or email. In the mean time, stay well and safe.

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